Welcome to my homepage. My name is Jan-Hinrich Wagner and here are my offers for trainings on the following topics:


Imprints (cultural, family, company) create perceptions and behaviours. Differences in the imprint can create differences in perceptions and behaviour. To create awareness of these imprints and the ability to build bridges across differences is the possibility offered by intercultural trainings.


Peace and Conflict

Conflicts are a permanent element of human life and interaction. At the same time strategies and methods to deal with conflicts and to achieve a peaceful coexistece are feasible for all human beings. Seminars on peace and conflict are a door opener in this case.


Simulation games

Simulation games facilitate short–term change in perspectives by adopting an unknown role. This intensive experience deepens theoretical knowledge through experiential learning.



Living, studying and working in Germany can be a great opportunity. Understanding cultural particularities will facilitate an easier entry from the start.



With its eventful history, unique geographical situation and cultural richness Turkey should to be rediscovered anew again and again.


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